Hi there. I'm Jack.  Jack Daniel.

I am a tech director, author of beautiful and robust code and designer of complex systems integrations for immersive customer experiences. I specialize in marrying new technologies with proven frameworks.



(Those modules are RF transceivers for an Arduino prototype)


I am an advocate of tools and collaboration, manager of source control and deployments, and mentor to developers of any programming language and skill set.

Solutions Architect

Whether programming a backend web service or a prototype for a new wearable technology, I am mindful of the overall experience. How each piece of a technology solution connects is vital to its success.  I’ve designed and built cloud-based iPad content publishing systems, social integration middleware for Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, gaming platforms with integrated authentication, and distributed video encoding software.

Professional Developer

I have been programming professionally for over 10 years, focusing on web and mobile application backends.  A few of the tools in my arsenal: PHP, ActionScript, Objective-C, C#, Java, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Eclipse and Xcode. My allies also include things like Apache, Vagrant, AWS, Drupal, Python, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins and Selenium.

Creative Technologist

The assimilation of technology’s role in our daily lives fascinates me.  We look to it to make us more productive yet we insist upon the highest level of aesthetic form.  We leverage it to inspire a change in our view of the world but demand it does not become obtrusive.  Devices.  Experiences.  Connectivity.  I see innovation as the combination of new and existing technologies in creative ways.