Apps for iPhone and Android almost ready

Apps for iPhone and Android almost ready

Starting a couple months ago, I set out on a programming journey with a few modest goals.

  1. See if I could learn enough about the programming languages of the top two mobile platforms to write a fully functional app.
  2. While doing so, use only the native tools and SDKs, not a write-once-deploy-everywhere platform
  3. Submit and have published apps in the Apple and Android app stores.
  4. Possibly make a few bucks on the side.

I had a bit of a jump start on iOS, since I’ve been working with iOS developers full-time for over a year now.  I had a good portion of it functional and not looking too shabby after a just a few weeks (working mostly on the train and at night).  The last 10% took some time, though and I eventually had to cut myself off from over-editing.

The Android version, was much more difficult, though.  While Java isn’t particularly difficult to pick up in terms of syntax, I found many of the design patterns to be unfamiliar.  The heavy use of nested, inner-classes had me a little mind-bottled.  Eventually, I came to terms with it, remembering that I specifically wanted to learn the nuances and conventions of the platform.

I’m happy to say that I’m just about at a point with both versions of my app that I’m ready to submit my apps to the their respective app stores.  I’m working on a few of the less glamorous (from the perspective of a developer that is) details of trying to be legit by setting up an LLC.  Once that is done, it will be off to the races.  I’ll put up a few screenshots of each app in the near future.